Part 1:

Technology has taken rapid strides in the last two decades. 

Right from mobiles to smart devices and app based commercial activity to Drones and social media to digital news media. 

Since last few decades the world were new has been lost forever and replaced by a bewildering array of technology. The changes have been occurring at an exponential rate. The way we do business, the way we interact with people has undergone a Sea change. Social media has made people being in connection 24/7. 

 Right from what one ate for breakfast to the gastric upset, all is up there for display. Every part of life is for display. And like a good window dressing only the best part is displayed. The junk or the darkness and the dankness of the soul is kept in the shade. All this goody goody posts Elicit jealousy and a lot of conflicting feelings in everybody else. Similarly the digital media is promoting propaganda in the garb of news. 

The various apps used by us to conduct our day to day activities like banking, shopping, cab booking etc and have made us use them without flinching, without any thought of how our lives have been changed profoundly. 

This has been a quantum jump in our lives. A quantum jump in the way technology has invaded our lives.

Part 2:

Now contrast this with the intelligence, emotional and cognitive abilities of humans. In the last two decades we have hardly changed in our emotional level and our cognitive abilities. Because to have huge jumps in emotional and cognitive abilities a period of centuries or more is required. 

So we have to understand that our brain growth and the growth in our cognitive abilities have not kept pace with the explosive growth in the technology. 

That is creating a lot of conflicts in our understanding and in our ability to separate  facts from fiction.

 It also has affected our ability to understand the finer nuances of interpersonal relationships, the delicate balance of the society and understanding the motivations of various groups or strata’s of the society. 

We have become very narrow minded in our understanding and tend to judge our misjudge people at even a slight provocation. We have become prisoners of a judgemental mentality. And are quick to classify and categorise people, who may have different belief systems than us. 

Part 3:

Also we are bombarded with information day in day out. Information which is hardly of any use to us. But we revel in gathering that information through social media and digital media. And celebrate in dispersing it even more widely. Information that may be positive or negative, useful or deleterious to our well being or the well being of the society.

But sourcing all this information has its side effects. We are numbed by all this information. This is called as cognitive overload or information overload. 

 And this cognitive numbness leads us to process this information in a faulty or a partial way. That leads to more consequences. Any information if not processed properly as per our abilities, it becomes a liability. It reduces our rational, logical and reasoning abilities. We become just dumb accumulators and dispensers. Too stunned by the information overload. 

Now this information gathered through social media and digital media may be 100% wrong. But still we are exposed to it and believe in it. 

So this is double whammy. Information overload as well as falsified information. 

No wonder people are becoming stupid day by day. Loosing their logical and reasoning powers and becoming puppets or zombies. 

Monotheism, monopoly(in Politics), monologues(by political leaders), monolithic(structures deifying the false gods), monotony(in society), monodramas(among the high and the elites), monotone outlooks on all aspects, monomaniac leaders(obviously seen all over the world),monolingual(language domination), monoculture(my way or the highway) etc., have become buzzwords. 

Because information overload and lack of cognitive development itself is leading us towards a monotonous brain evolution. From being intelligent, diverse, dignified, empathetic, affectionate, higher thinking, altruistic, artistic and literary people we are going back towards becoming apes. Physically well built but mentally retarded.