In india though we pride on our diversity and we though have a lot of heterogenous population with almost a single religion, in reality we leave in our own ghettoes. 

Few of the ghettoes are 

1. Mental

2. Economical

3. Locational

4. Religious

5. Caste

6. Language

7. Food

8. Clothing, Etc., etc.,

We never go out of our way to mix with people different than ourself. we prefer to stay aloof. rather that the other group doesn’t exist at all or the other reality does not exist. 

We may interact with them in the office, work place or the place of our business. But this interaction is on our own terms . The interactions are based on our understanding of the reality and not on the existing reality. Interact we do, as day to day life won’t be possible. But once we come home ….we throw that mask away and slid effortlessly into our ghetto of similar people based on religion , caste , region, etc., 

In our social and cultural lives we never leave our ghetto’s. We attend the social functions like weddings, birthdays, funerals of our community (ghetto) enthusiastically even if these people are not connected to us on day to day basis. 

Marriages are solemnised between people belonging only to one caste or community. There are a lot of residential areas where people of only one community live. There is also an inborn distrust about people of different caste or community. People prefer to do business with people of same community. 


We are an loyal members of our ghetto and display the symbols of our ghetto with pride at our homes, in our offices, at our businesses, on our vehicles or on our own person. Symbols of community are prominently displayed during social gathering. Even Gods have been divided. Each ghetto has their own prominent God. And they are displayed prominently during the respective social gatherings. 

Though we may think of ourselves as an inclusive and a tolerant society ……in reality we are not. Tolerant we are. But only to a certain extent. Beyond that we all loose our power of logic and reasoning and we become passionate about the pride of our own community. 

We do our work and business in the society as a whole. We interact with the whole society on day to day basis. We earn our revenues by working or doing business in the whole society. We also belong to the same religion, same nation and speak and understand almost the same language. But sadly we are born, live, breathe and die in our own ghettoes. 

In Indian elections “first past the post” is the winner. That means the one who has the highest votes wins. There is no specific required number of votes for a win.

Here the vote bank politics comes into play. If any party has a vote bank of a specific community or caste solidly behind it then it can win the elections by attracting the floaters or the undecided. Some political parties tie-up one or more caste or community groups together and become invincible in elections. Thats the  reason elections are mathematical in terms of the process but divisive in terms of society. 

There is a vicious and divisive propaganda during elections. And that makes the differences in the society very prominent. It almost opens up the schisms in the society which were narrowing. Sometimes hidden differences come to the fore. Its like opening up the wound and causing it to bleed.

Passion is at the highest:

Election propaganda targets the baser instincts of the citizens makes them think and react in a very crude way. Actually their thinking process is limited only to the basal ganglia. The cerebral cortex is not used at all. And even if it is used …….it is used to further the hatred and vile feelings originating at the base of the brain. The prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes have lost out. 

People, even if they are highly intellectual and intelligent always have an urge to behave irrationally, violently and cruelly. This is always suppressed by the activity of the prefrontal lobe of the brain. 

During human evolution the brain has grown 4 times its original size. But the prefrontal lobes have increased by six times. This has lead to a relatively peaceful living human societies. Because the prefrontal lobes always controls the impulsiveness of human behaviour. But now the evolution of prefrontal lobes might start declining due to its reduced usage.

100-200 years hence the New borns might be born with a very small prefrontal lobe.

And we might become a extremely  divided society. And also a very violent and aggressive society.