Democracy since its origin in a rudimentary form in Athens, Greece has gone through a sea change over the thousands of years. From partial participation of privileged people to participation of only adult men to full participation of every citizen democracy has evolved over time. In the twentieth century it has evolved to Universal Adult Suffrage. Meaning every adult above a certain age (regardless of gender, income, social status, etc.,) can vote to decide who will lead the administration of the country and provide the country with leadership, vision and directions. In the last century there was a gradual move towards democracy in the nations of the world. This looked very promising as it meant development of a global democracy leading to a more liberal and fair governance and ultimately benefiting every citizen. That meant the fruits of development in science and technology and in economics would be equitably distributed. A rosy picture portending an even golden future in the coming years. But then everything that is good doesn’t last long and this movement towards democracy has lost its steam as we have entered the 21st century. And day by day the future of even existing democracies looks bleak.

There is a reason for this dim outlook. One just has to see the rise of autocratic, maniacal, whimsical and grandiose leaders all around the world. And it really makes one think how could these people have risen to the positions, they currently are in. 

And there comes the role of social media and digital analytics. And voter manipulation through social media and planted news. This has been a global phenomenon and has been affecting every country which votes in its leaders. The manipulation of voters leads to twisted outcomes which do not truly reflect the dreams, desires and the aspiration of the voting population. With this in mind we can classify the voters in any country along these lines. 

A. Motivated

1. Ideologically motivated. 

This is the core group of any political party. They are exposed to a rigid ideology since birth and have extreme faith in their ideology. They cannot comprehend any other view. Neither can they ever understand that other views and versions might exist. The ideologically motivated have developed a victim mentality since last 20-30 years. According to them they have suffered a lot. And now is their time to pay back. Time for revenge. And time to correct all the historical wrongs. All their ideas of victimhood and revenge have arisen from their adhering strictly to their ideology.

They are Ideologically in Middle Ages, technologically in the modern age, first to to use their countries resources for betterment of their self and rise in the social ladder. Some have even become global citizens for better opportunities and personal growth. But surprisingly don’t like immigrants in their homeland. Smart and techno savvy but also believers in medieval ideas and philosophies. 

They hate the anti immigrant government in the countries they reside but have diametrically opposite, anti-immigrant feelings in their home country. 

So one can understand that this is the most confused group of the lot. Torn apart due to conflicting ideas of modernity and their medieval beliefs. But they themselves don’t know about the dichotomy in their behaviour. Very interesting. And extremely dangerous. A middle age mindset with advance weaponry is a lethal combination. Difficult to fight and defeat. 

2. The politically and financially motivated

It’s easy to understand the other two.As their reasons are clear. And they can change sides at the flip of a coin if the situation warrants. Provided their political or financial interests are not harmed. 

B. Afraid

1. Afraid to loose financial security 

This is a motley group of people consisting of businessmen small and big, proprietary businesses, small entrepreneurs, government officials, Media, etc. They are always doing a tight rope walk. One false step and they will be doomed. 

Most of them are self made people. Whatever they have achieved is due to the system and they are loathe to disturb the system. So rather than risk everything that they have achieved, it’s easier for them to fall in line. So they always toe the official or the current governments line. And really can’t blame them. 

2. Afraid to loose social status 

Then there are many who have risen in social hierarchy due to the system in place in their country and are afraid to disturb it. 

3. Afraid of Confrontations

Many people form a group who genuinely hate confrontations. They yearn for peace and status quo and won’t argue if they receive less for their hard work or loyalties as long as they are not made to confront issues. They feel these are battles best left for others. And hence continue on their path of peace. True peace loving people. Happy in their cocoon and unmindful of the chaos outside their life’s sphere. 

C. Whose feeling and fears have been mirrored

There are a lot of people whose misplaced fears and feelings have been mirrored and given more prominence in the digital and social media propaganda. Seeing their thoughts and feelings gaining traction they become extremely active, dominant and pushy. And they love to push the envelope, though only on the social media. Eg., All emotive issues which may not really provide any quantifiable benefit to the society. 

These people feel important as issues close to their heart are being dealt correctly by their government. And are also happy that the priorities of their government are right and in sync with their priorities. So these are happy people and will always support whosoever is ruling as long as they mirror their feelings and ideas. And might also fall for newly created issues hook line and sinker. 

D. The Believers

 These are a new category developed since the rise of internet, social media and digital platforms. These are the most interesting. These are the believers or the zombies. Who believe in whatever is thrown at them and rejoice when told to and even feel sad when told to. Well quite amusing and frustrating both at the same times …..but one can really see through their pathetic existence. 

But many sane people are at a loss trying to find where these people were hiding for these many years and decades. Why could we never see through their carefully created persona and see their intellectually challenged minds.  

E. People who don’t care

Lastly there are people who don’t care. Everything in their life is sorted out. Mostly introverts who don’t usually interact much with the society and have no inclination to fight for other people who have suffered injustice. According to them anybody can form the government and do whatever they like.