Call me a friend ,
Call me an enemy,
Call me thief or a saint,
But do this my friend,
Once in a while, 
Please give me a call

Likes are a passé,
Tags are dumbfounding. 
Random videos and Quotes
Never give me joy
Instead of the Comments.
Please give me a call. 

Emojis and greetings,
So easy and cheap. 
An emotional Chaos, 
Crawls on my wall. 
Instead my friend 
Please give me a call. 

WhatsApp is an itch,
Makes you scratch
Profound to scary, 
It provides you all
Instead of forwards, 
Please give me a call. 

Instagram and snapchat,
Though Hip and Cool,
Tempted I am 
But won’t take a Fall. 
Instead my friend, 
Please give me a call.