As I lie alone on my bed
I think of the people I missed
I regret I did not talk to them
Or apologised to many more

Should have taken a handful
For a sunset cruise on a river
And a sumptuous feast later
At a high-end extravagant diner

Many I would have just called
Simply to my home
For a evening full of chatter
And breaking some homely bread

With Some I really would have
Drank a few glasses of wine
With others more of rum
Till we walked like a swine.

A very few, I would have
Called on, at their home
To pay with tons of gratitude
For their ever unpaid loan.

The last of many of whom
I really could never serve
The lonely and the desolate
With a warm and friendly hug

©️ShashikantDudhgaonkar 2020