These few lines came to me as I was talking with my school going son, on one lazy evening

What if...?
Startled from my thoughts
As my younger one starts
With his unending volley
of unending asks

Relaxing on the couch
And lost in my thoughts
Failed to see him
Pacing around

Helping the homeless
Checking the lawless
Global warming is big
Need to colonise Mars

Stopping the flow
Of his endless thoughts
I casually tell him
To pause for a while

I silently watch
Smile on my face
As he gets flustered
With my casual approach

How do I tell him
That I don’t know
Answers to questions
At my age

The flame of innocence
And flights of dreams
I have lost it totally
In my daily routine.

Coming back to his queries
I start explaining the rules
And then stop just midway
And let him dream