Higher Ground

Seeing people,
enter pits and drains
To save the life,
of few strays.
And those on missions
To save some species.
Made me think,
Really long and hard
About the stories,
I hear nowadays.
Of fear and hate
and rivalries strong.
And open and shameless

On a tiny planet
of a tiny star.
Of the billions
in our galaxy.
Trillions of such
galaxies make.
The universe
far and wide.
A few billions of us,
give or take
A number not so
Very great.
We can neither fly
nor reach the stars
And yet we are people
extremely proud.

What are we, and why are we?
Alive and living in this corner.
Is it to fight
And Kill and die
In a life infinitesimally tiny.

Are we supposed to just eat and live
And dance and frolic for awhile
And ravage and kill whenever we please.
And despise the others, not our kind.

Or is there any real higher purpose
Of our sad and lonely life
To peer beyond our worldly wants
And seek the magnificent stars
The truth, might just be floating there
About our purpose, grand and tall.


is it on the very earth,
That we do walk everyday
That we shall find,
Whatever we are looking for.
A true and uplifting higher Ground