A long drive in the hills of Lonavala in the beautiful monsoon season
Long winding road
Among the hills
Trees running along
All the way
At every turn
Sky gives a peek
Deepest of the blue
I’ve ever seen

As I drive
On the long winding road
A plateau appears
Abruptly ahead
Green of the grass
Stretching everywhere
From ground at my feet
To the distant hills
Dotted with rapids
Of infantile streams
Some ambling gently
With a silvery gleam

Few clouds rest
At the mountain top
Exhausted from nights 
Downpour Long
Paddy in the fields
Adds a lush green feel
A refreshing contrast
To blue of the hills.
Waterfalls audaciously
Drop at the turns
Water falling headlong
To meet the earth

And as I am lost
In the beautiful scene
A faint drizzle adds
To the out-worldly feel
And I leave my car
Then and there
To walk in the clouds
And dance in the rain