When I think of the fifties

How quickly I have reached

It leaves me quite puzzled

People making a fuss about it

I still get up in the morning

Get ready to go for work

Even tie my shoe laces

The way I have always done

Work is almost the same

A bit more dignified

The grey hair on the crown

And belly adds to my poise

Yes there are a few troubles

Kids listen to me no more

Spouse on a different planet

With language of her own

Parents are a bit of a bother

They are past their prime

Each day that they live through

I feel is a gift divine

Yet I feel nothing has changed

Though joints and eyes do strain

Have to pop many pills for pressure

But verve and spunk is still there

The world has changed quite a lot

But so do, I have changed

For good or bad I really don’t care

As long as I go on living