Sometime life carries you to a place where there are no answers. And even if you may find hundreds of them they may not be true or real. And can lead to a helpless situation from where one has to dig deep and try to come out and triumph. Triumph over all odds. It takes a lot of efforts and perseverance. Everyone experiences these situations at least ones in their life time. Some unfortunate ones suffer multiple times. Till one drags themselves out of the Hell hole, these are the thoughts that keep on recurring in ones mind. Lost

What should I do

What should I not

Should listen

Give them an ear

Or should I shout

About my fears

Should I cry

And wipe my tears

Or should I fake

Smiles and cheers

Should I dig

The painful past

Or think of future

Bleak and dark

Either way

Which way I go

Looks the same

All lost to me

Totally lost

I am totally lost