To my great horror I have found that there is a new mutant strain of virus that is circulating around. And it seems to enter the human body not through the nose( like the earlier strain). But surprise of surprise, through the most unimagined part of our body …….. our chin.

But then to my great relief, people seemed to be well aware of this new mutant strain.

Go to any malls or shopping areas and you can see that almost everyone has their CHINS covered with mask. Taking utmost care not to expose it.

Most even leave their nose and mouth uncovered in their herculean effort to cover their CHINS.

This response and the responsibility behind it, is really praiseworthy. Kudos to the people.

If we continue in this his fashion, the time is not far when COVID-19 will completely disappear from the face of earth.

P.S. : This is a sarcastic post. And covering of nose is of prime importance. The danger is not over yet. And we need to be vigilant still. For the sake of ourselves and our near and dear ones.