Life is a beautiful cake

Fresh and hot from oven straight

Picked up a cake wifey just baked

Touched it felt it’s sponginess

It’s aroma wafting fresh and deep

Inhaling slow I go in a trance

Feel life is bliss when one chances upon

A fresh hot beautiful cake

As I gingerly break a tiny piece

And place it gently on tongue’s tip

I feel it melt and spread its taste

Heavenly in my mouth

In that reverie delicious and deep

Heard footsteps scratching near me

Front paws straight tummy on floor

A wagging tail on verge to dislocate

It’s open mouth drooling wet

As pleading eyes kept following my hand

From the plate as it reached my lips

I thought quickly as a shared a piece

With the four paws and a tail

Yes life is beautiful when your angel bakes

And there’s a pet that wags it’s tail

For tiny bits of cake