It’s about 8 people scattered around the world but connected with each other telepathically and how their lives intertwine and finally affect their lives in their geographical location. It’s about 8 different people with their individual strengths and weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Above all it is also their collective fight for survival against a dark entity called as “Whispers”.

Script is excellent with crisp editing. Continuously shifting between the 8 main characters and the happenings in their lives by jumping from scene to scene in different locations but without losing continuity or context. Rather making it a surreal experience. Especially the one where a riot for water in Nairobi is juxtaposed against a protest at a temple in Mumbai and a chase in US. That’s exemplary editing. The story takes time to grow on you. A little patience is required. It’s not like an everyday crime thriller or a horror movie.

There is a lot of action is interspersed with emotionally intense moments as well as joyful and carefree moments. Dialogues are crisp but at the same time a touch philosophical. They also convey appropriately the language and the cultural variations of each character.

Action sequences are sleek and jaw dropping. Because it is directed by “ the wachowski brothers” of Matrix fame.

The series takes you on a global trek of breathtaking geographical beauty, cultural celebrations as well as the grim lives in the locales spreading from London, USA, Mumbai, Seoul, Kenya, Iceland, Mexico and Berlin. As the 8 main characters belong to these location.

The series also delves deep into issues such as individual choices, justice, drugs, violence, sexuality, homosexuality , transgenders, etc. and in a very sensitive way.

But more than the action, suspense, and telepathy it’s about feelings and emotions. One can deeply feel the pains, joys, sufferings, relief and elation of each character and can identify with them. After every twist and turn there are moments of shared joy and camaraderie. Rather than camaraderie a very strong sense of bonding which I feel every person has experienced at least once in their lifetime. A bonding without blood or contract. And without anything promised in return. Making the viewers feel this bonding intensely, is one of the biggest achievements of sense 8.

One gets intensely pulled in the story and the atmosphere and the stranglehold continues throughout.

Very good acting by the lead actors. Rather the casting has been perfect. Every actor fits their role. Portraying the universality of of humanity but at the same time retaining their rich local flavour.

Negatives : There are a few negatives. Like shoot-outs happening in broad daylight without any legal consequences. A few cliches and coincidences. But they are far and few.

Sometimes the story slackens in pace or keeps lingering on some moments, longer than it should have. But within few minutes it changes it’s gear and moves ahead at full pace.

Overall a deeply enjoyable experience on various levels. Where one is drawn into, rather completely submerged in the lives of the 8 characters.