This poem is open to interpretation for the reader. It might look like it’s speaking about the current political atmosphere, or societal ills or social media. But it can also be interpreted as deeply personal and individual experiences with their near and dear ones or their friends or their colleagues.

Poisonous Winds

Wind feels the same

Moves the same

But it isn’t like

It used to be

There’s poison flowing

In the wind

Right bit of warmth

Same biting cold

Gently as usual

Tickles the hair

But there’s something

Vicious in it

Moves the trees

Tosses the leaves

Carries fragrance

Like yesteryears

But there’s something

Rotten in it

Beyond the mountains

There’s a smouldering pit

Without any rest

Poison it spews

Poor wind carries

What lies in its path

But does that really

Absolve it

There’s poison flowing

In the wind