Festival Shopping

Yesterday had been to a shopping mall

To feel the cramped and stuffy air

For a year and half of breathing pure

Had left my lungs frail and weak

While one eye kept choosing from wares

Other as usual kept wandering around

The changing rooms caught my eye

Where audience had gathered in full

One by one, men twisted and twirled

Their women in audience nodded their head

As back they went, to try more new clothes

Another one came, sashaying out

Alas he couldn’t find among watching eyes

His wife was lost to the women’s wing

So there he waved and called for her

Bare feet, disheveled hair, price tags danced in air

As I waited patiently for my turn

Heard this exchange between a model and his dear

With a load of clothes dangling from his hand

Waved at his wife to come a bit near

She shot at him in a rude harsh way

A furlong away yet loud and clear

You always waste time, in useless things

Just check the size 40 or 42

And let’s get out of here, I have things to do

Enraged at this affront in broad daylight

He blasted out what he felt about her

So there went with a Big Bang, World War 3

With rest of the world watching in glee