Watched “ The Night Manager” on Amazon Prime. It’s a six part series based on a novel by the same name by John Le Carr’e. Each episode lasting around 55 minutes. It’s like James Bond movie but languorously done minus the mandatory car chases and gizmos. But in exchange we get well developed and rounded characters. The tension between them evident in every frame even with the smiles on their faces. That takes us to the acting department. Tremendous acting by all the leads Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Coleman, Tom Hollander and Elizabeth Debickie. Especially Tom Hiddleston is difficult to imagine in this role after watching him as the maverick and malevolent Loki in MCU.

The beauty and the sadness hidden behind it, is well depicted by Elizabeth Debickie. John Hollanders Corcoran is a class act. Relegated from being a key person of the Ropers group to the periphery he conveys the hurt and his loyalty skilfully. Hugh Laurie’s Roper is understated, suave and calm.

The series also tries to show the complexities of different intelligence agencies, their interdependence as well as their fierce rivalries, without over glamourising them. Meanwhile their political masters keep using the schisms between them, to maintain a status quo in the international relational dynamics. A status quo, but maintained at the cost of compromised ethics and morality.

Beautiful locales from the recurrently appearing backdrop of the Thames and the claustrophobia of London offices to the beauty of Spain and Cairo. Excellent cinematography which immerses the viewer in the scenarios.

Dialogue is crisp with a typical British wry humour, wit and sarcasm. Kept at the minimum and bereft of any long monologues. The expressions, eyes and the body language of the lead actors compensating and conveying more than what is said in words.

Well scripted but a bit of laxity appears in the episodes 2-3. On hindsight one realises that was intentional, to develop and flesh out the characters. It picks up pace in the final two three episodes. With emphasis not only on the fast moving events but also on the complex human emotions. Finally a thriller with a lot of emotional depth.

A treat to watch.