These lines are about people suffering from autoimmune disease and it’s debilitating fatigue. It’s an extremely intense fatigue, which no other normal and healthy person can understand. And these people suffer all their life’s, trying to explain to their near and dear ones, why they are not interested in many very normal things of day to day life. They have it hard both ways, in that they suffer a lot and yet no one can understand their suffering.

Autoimmune Fatigue

Everyday is same, a struggle to live

Hiding behind, the smiling teeth

Nothing feels wrong, for others who see

Yet nothing is right, for the one who feels

Morning is born, with always a hope

Afternoon keeps them, thinking twice

By evening they have given in

To their worn out, body’s cries

And days by day, it’s the same thing

Somedays the morning, may extend

Somedays the evening, comes to soon

Aches and pains and hungry lungs

Put to rest, any dreams of fun

Lying on the couch, doing nothing

Many times may be the only fun

For to talk and think, can exert a lot

Even changing channels

May become a chore