Last one to die

(Nuclear Holocaust)

It’s noon time almost

Watches don’t work

Time has anyways

Stopped in this world

Sun is gone

Sky’s thick with dust

A shroud of death

Covers the world

Lights work no more

There’s nothing that works

Just four days of war

Life has come undone

It snows all the time

And a muddy grey ice

Keeps rising in layers

Thick on the ground

Winds keep wailing

Like them nowadays

In a silent world

It’s a thing to hear

Used to move in town

Scavenging for food

Have seen no people

Since the last few weeks

Nausea keeps rising

Canned food tastes foul

Vomiting has become

Part of life

Skin is blistering

Hair’s falling out

Gums seem to bleed

Almost all the time

And I keep waiting

For the freeze

That will start from my toes

And end in the eyes


Post Script :

These lines are about nuclear holocaust. If there are many nuclear explosions simultaneously, many will die an instantaneous death. But the rest of the humanity will be doomed die a slow death, over months or years due to radiation poisoning, carried over by the winds to all continents and the freezing conditions, due to cooling off of the earths atmospheric temperature. Due to the dust in the atmosphere that will prevent sun rays from reaching down.