These thoughts come in the mind, when the fatigue that’s keeps rising with Day just won’t leave you till the end of Night. Fatigue of autoimmune illness.

Walked into the night

He walked in silence, into the night

Where life seemed peaceful

In the moonlight

No one quibbled, no one fought

Just sounds feet made

As they faltered across

While memories of mornings and rising sun

And frenzied dance of chirpy birds

Across the window, where sun-rays touched

Ran through his wavering, tired mind

The bed that shared, most of his dreams

Stereo that played, his best moments

And lot many things, he had left behind

Kept calling him back, hold his steps

Yet he moved on, not looking back

This time he was, firm on his resolve

For although the mornings were

Exceptionally good

There was something

Ugly about the day