Today being a holiday got up late. So had a relaxed brunch and went through the usual social media feeds to see if there was anything funny to start the day with. Something that could widen the idiotic/goofy smile on the face, which usually one has, on waking up late on a holiday.

Skipped through a lot of spiritual and philosophical stuff and tons of Happy Holi messages (Holi is the festival of colours in India) and finally decided to abandon that pursuit and visit the hair cutting salon. At least one thing, I can check off my never ending to do list.

Now this particular salon is a regular kind of salon. Not any fancy kind with gizmos and gadgets. Not even Airconditioned. But then I have been safely putting my head under his scissors, for almost 20 years and he also knew my scalp and may be what’s below the scalp in and out. There is a safety in routine they say.

As usual there was one client on the throne being pampered thoroughly so I had to assume the courtiers role and wait for my turn. Appointment system usually doesn’t work with him well.

There were no garish pictures of any Bollywood stars adorning the walls. A lot of mirrors, three chairs and the usual stuff. A small but neat and tidy place.

The proprietor was going on with his usual banter. Talking about the happenings in the neighbourhood, city and the world and his express opinions on it. There are a lot of gems to catch here. Sometimes quite unexpected. Assume something new to one’s perspective.

In the background Kishor Kumar, Md Rafi , Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar were competing with the jittery ceiling fan. But the music was lovely, belonging to the golden era. And it’s beauty was more enhanced in this peaceful place. Where there was absolutely no hurry. Not for the client nor the proprietor. I feel there are certain places, where the same music sounds much more better. One another place is on long journey.

As I was just getting lost in the music, my turn to occupy the throne came. Took off my glasses, silenced my mobile, closed my eyes and put my head in those trusted hands. He started with the regular preparations. Wrapping me with a disposable covering, taking care that not even a single piece of hair should enter into my clothing during the hair cutting process.

And then the show began. With gentle rhythmic snips at the hair playing a lullaby and before it could end, the whirring of the trimming machine starts, putting me a in a delicious trance. It’s difficult to describe the feeling. A very enjoyable feeling. Which one feels should never end.

After the cutting is over some fine touches with a razor blade to define the hair line on the neck and around the ears. Then it’s time for a glorious head massage. His deft hands moving in a well orchestrated pattern around the head with fingers creating an exquisite ballet on the scalp. In between, a gentle squeeze at the perfect pressure points, paralyse you into an unending bliss. Floating in the waves of pleasure, you are gently woken up in the world with a broad and a genuine smile, conveying that the job done.

There are many such moments in life which we tend to go through mechanically or sometimes with a multitude of things going through our brains at that time……. Multitasking that’s the grand word given to it and celebrated by motivational speakers and high flying management consultants. But then in exchange for that, we have to lose the easily available, simplest and yet the best joys of our life. Now at this point need to stop. Because I am stepping in the same ground I had wished to avoid in the morning. Philosophy !!!!

Enjoy the day and Happy Holi to everyone