Fallen Paradise

Walking in the moonlit woods alone

Sky was clear and the moon reached ground

Though the leafless trees tried in vain

To block its path, now and then

The mind though carried, deep inside

A thickening mass of dark clouds

Didn’t know where, I was going to

Or reason why, I wanted to go

Just had the urge, to get away

From something hurting terribly

Looked up at the sky, for some sign

But what I saw, made me resign

For moon there was, where it had been

Since I began, my walk in the night

Stars and the sky and fallen leaves

Have never ever left, following me

Even the trees that I had left behind

Kept on appearing ahead in a line

And I hunch my shoulders and rest on a tree

Slide down to rest on the fallen leaves

And wait in the dark for the sun to rise

A new day in this, fallen paradise