Difficult Choices

Sometimes one wants to let it go

Of life predictable and safe

For it starts to throttle and choke

Not letting you breathe

Nor move or do

Whatever freely you want to

Then a little voice says, how will you live

Without your soul and mate that has been

With you through battles, thick and thin

That will be betrayal, can’t live with it

But then can’t live like this

Chained and accused

For every failure and tiny slips

But you want to try, give it a chance

Do the hard work as much as you can

But they want to travel, on another path

May be hold, someone’s else’s hand

But they won’t say, clear the air

Wander a lot, and come back

Stuck in game, with no cards to show

Difficult choices life does throw

Can’t choose one, can’t choose both

There’s no third, that can lead the way

Out of this ugly morass