Walking with an old man

An old man stopped, tilted his head

Staring at me, with smile he said

I’ve have mistook, you for my son

Who follows me, on my daily walks

Keeping a watch, that I don’t get lost

Or meet with some, comical mishap

I live with him, his wife and kids

He’s one of those, a gem of a son

Every father on earth, should have

Can you walk with me he asked

To my home, away two blocks

A little company for an old man

Couldn’t just refuse, the sweet old charm

Walked with him as he rambled on

Events and happenings, funny and warm

That he had lived and enjoyed

So engrossed was I, didn’t realise

That we had reached, as he turned around

Holding my hand for a bit too long

Thanks he said and slipped inside

The gate of an old age nursing home