Wise Old Women

The old lady barged in, slamming the door

Where she gets strength, don’t really know

Smirking and cursing all the way

Came and sat on the stool besides me

Then in her usual, faked stern voice

Gave a list what’s troubling her

From headaches to acidity to lack of sleep

Loss of appetite to many more things

I also watched, with fake seriousness

For her long long list, to finally end

Waiting for what, always came after

A mischievous smile, wide on her face

That was craggy, with lines of age

Sagging skin, all white hair

But the child in her eyes, had never grown old

Said I’ve came, just to meet and gossip

Things I have learned, since we met last time

We talked about everything, under sun

Gained trinkets of wisdom, laced with fun

From a wise old women

Who never lost innocence

Some moments are etched, in the memory


PS: Lost this patient, a dear friend and a human being par excellence to Covid last year. Some people are extremely difficult to forget. She was one of those.