Sometimes we meet people on the verge of breakdown. In our professional life or in our personal life. And even with the maturity and wisdom we claim to have it’s very difficult to handle such situations.

Shattered Dam

He came in one day, said wanted to speak

I was almost packed up ready to leave

Yet something about him, made me wait

Told me listen, to the face of pain

After the pleasantries, I came to the point

Choked up he was, fought hard to confide

Mumbled something instantly broke down

Shook in the chair sobbing like a child

As I waited, for the surge to subside

He spoke rather vomited, what was in his mind

Had lost everything, he thought was his own

Time and people and life he had known

And it was quite late, to change the tracks

Early to think, of embracing death

Had no words, could just hold his hands

As water kept flowing from the shattered dam