We meet a lot of cheats, cons, people who betray our trust and sometimes those who connive and cause a lot of damage to us.

We learn overtime and become suspicious and smart. Avoiding all people and situations, that can fool us. But does it help. From personal experience, not much. But it makes us more cynical and bitter. We lose our kindness and warmth. Sometimes, the wide eyed inner child also. With that our naivety and innocence.

So what to do. Everyone has their own way of handling such people and situation. I prefer no to bother much. Because one really can’t guard against these kind of instances. So it’s better to take them in stride and keep the belief and faith in people going on. I prefer not to become hardened. Don’t like to be on a constant lookout and watching over my back. Because that takes all the fun away from life. And sometimes we risk judging genuinely good people harshly. And that would be a loss.

So what are your ways of dealing with it ?