The First time I saw the sea in my childhood, may be when I was 12-14 yrs old. It is still etched in my memory. Every visit to the sea has been enthralling and hypnotising later on. Never fails to amaze. Yet the First visit has stayed with me and always will.

The first View

An old stone wall, draped in moss

Missing many stones, that adorned its top

Walked in silence, along my side

As it had done, for others in the past

Grass on sides, turning yellow and dead

Path getting narrower, with every step

Merging with sand, a distance away

That rose steeply, into a patch of blue

Walked through a cove, that hid the sky

With twisted branches, fanning above

It ended where, the path met the sand

In a blast of brightness and an open sky

Feet started fumbling, dragging in sand

Walking on shores, was a drunken dance

Climbing the rise, as I reached the top

Held my breath, at the vast expanse

Crashing waves or those forming behind

Sparkling many suns, dazzling my eyes

Roar of the breakers, salty breeze on face

Smoothest sand, under retreating waves

Can’t say what, that made me quiet

Not a thought, ran through the mind