A tree that was always there

Spreading wide, on all sides

From pouring rains, offered respite

In winters it thickened, into darkest of greens

Even light of sun, couldn’t pierce it

Living in the west, few metres away

From my tea sipping, chilled out, tiny terrace

Yet in summers it came, really alive

Fiery red turned overnight

Almost competing with the sun

Old it was and always there

Was mostly taken, for granted

Till one afternoon, a crashing sound

Was heard above, the din of clouds

Pouring in a raging torrent

Came out to a most, ghastly sight

Of that tree sadly, hugging ground

Thick trunk had cracked, splintered at base

Branches that spread, now lay prostate

Lively leaves slowly drooping dead

Leaving a hole gaping and wide

Where it regally stood