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The question was

What is one advice you wished you can give your younger self?

Image courtesy Mark Harpur @Unsplash

Advice to my younger self

Never ever take any advice from anyone, not even from me, even if I have traveled back in time to give it. With that, I would still advise you, to do whatever you feel right, at any given moment. Everything has consequences. Be ready for that. But keep in mind that consequences might appear huge in the short term but in the long run, all consequences good or bad, eventually cancel themselves out. Leaving behind a host of experiences.

Enjoy life

Take things as they come

Don’t think much of the ocean

Focus on being the wave

Rise, roll and speed ahead

Without wondering, where you’ll end

Shine in the sun, glitter in the moon

Sway to the tune of, blowing winds

Rise, fall and rise back again

Just focus solely

On being the wave

Let the ocean

Care for itself

And even if you, do things differently

You’ll still be a wave

You’ll still be a wave