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About this site:

This is an anthology of poems and random musings on a wide variety of subjects. They are reflections about nature, beauty, emotions and life. They are also expressions of the beauty and sense, in simple and tiny incidences/happenings of everyday life. Some are in proper format and some in free verse, yet not without a semblance of a meter. The length ranges from long 5-6 verses to short three line Cinquains. There is humour, darkness, longing and even a philosophical tinge.

About the Author

I am a medical doctor from India, been practising medicine since last 30 years, with a love for prose, poetry and all written words. Available here, are a few of my thoughts, most in poetry format and a few in prose. Usually write in English but also dabble in Hindi and Marathi the languages of my home country. All the words come from my experiences in life, as a doctor as well as an individual. A human being with all the accompanying emotional, experiential and philosophical baggage.

Feel free to go through and give your valuable feedback if possible.

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