Reading about the recent incidence of rape of a young Vet in Hyderabad my mind is stunned, numbed. Just cannot comprehend. It’s too difficult to understand. Why a women has to go through this. For no fault of her own.

All I can feel is the
dark and dingy room
The rough cold floor  
Many hands feeling me

The rancid Stench 
From their filthy bodies 
Reeking of alcohol
They pounce on me

The terror and despair
Numbs my senses
Helpless i beg  
To my god for help 

With Foul fast breaths 
Repulsive and putrid
Tobacco stained teeth 
Growl menacingly at me. 

Kicks and punches 
I sob in Pain
As I beg for mercy
They slap my face

I Plead with the monsters
To let me go
But their cruel laughter
Drowns my wails

As they push too close 
And muffle my screams
They hold me apart and
Penetrate my being

Crime to be young
Crime to be beautiful 
Crime to be a women
In a country of men. 

@Shashikant Dudhgaonkar