When the actor is tired

And the script just ends

And there are no more

Words to say

Music has stopped

And lights will depart

And the drapes might start

To all fall apart

The actor in vain

Keeps up his act

But how long can one

Just keep going on

And hold the curtain

From falling down

And audience by now

Bored with the show

Of noise and fury

But substance low

Starts to move

Towards the door

And as he sits

Alone on the stage

It’s time to realise

It was not a great show

But the end has come

And he has to know

It was a act

As fake it can be

For sake of the owners

Of the company

Where backstage played

The biggest part

Holding the audience

Till the show lasts

Though few may applaud

At the very end

They are also fake

As the fake fake show