These are just rambling thoughts that come to the mind when you clear it sometimes for fresh breeze to flow in

At night when the sky is clear

You try to look up in the sky

Stars abound with a crescent moon

Makes you think of far beyond

In moments deep unrealised

Thoughts start swirling in the mind

Of the grand scale

What lies out there

What was before

And what next

Are there universes more like us

Or something bizarre

Difficult to grasp

And if ours is lonely then it’s why

And what lies beyond where it ends

Or there’s no end it just goes on

Is life on earth exception or rule

If rule how many more there may be

What may be the form of other life

If exception then question rises

Why us?

Questions and just questions

Answers many none too good

Igniting a thirst to search for them

Though not very gratifying

Nor really cool

But better than

What floats around

What we call life on earth

Without any form without any rules

Chaos complete what we have done

Our contribution to our universe