Vagator, one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa. These are the thoughts that went through my mind as I was sitting with my wife on the rocky beach, taking in what nature had to offer and which left both of us speechless in those moments. There are very few moments in life, that are profound, yet so gentle and caressing that they open windows, hitherto unknown to us. Telling us more about ourselves than what we know. That the essence of life lies in those small moments than any of our great achievements or prized possessions.

Evening at a sun kissed beach

To sit there on the rocks

Miles away from home

Listening to the orchestra

Of waves, breeze, birds and more

Watching the waves, roll towards the shore

End with a glee, frothy and naive

The setting sun

Dipping gently in the calm sea

At the horizon just beyond

No eyes can grasp

One tends to try and focus

Look at the waves,

Then the sky, rocks, sun and horizon

One at a time

But ultimately realisation comes

That there’s no camera nor eyes

That can capture what nature has spread

Nor all the senses working together

Can understand it

And then one sets aside the urge to focus

And becomes a sponge

Soaking in everything that comes

In totality without discrimination

And becomes a part of the nature

They wanted to see


Vagator Beach, Goa, India