Sometimes one has no space to move, to do anything or even try to be at ease. Life does gets you to such places. When you are left just with despair.


Circles of I move in, are growing small

A constriction slow, is going in

Even my sky has started contracting

It’s losing height and closing in

At its once vast periphery

Can almost touch pick the stars

Touch the moon even move it about

A small joy it is, in the rising despair

As the earth I know, is turning small

Horizons too are drawing near

Constricting the movement

Of my fantasies and thoughts

Walls are moving inch by inch

Closer to where I sit

I fear the day when I’ll be ensconced

In a brick and mortar living tomb

People I like, love to have around

Now seem to crowd, jostle for space

In a tiny circle, that’s all left

In the eve lessening space, around me