Since a few days, have to drop my son to school for his examinations. And these are the few tense and funny morning moments.

Back to School

There’s panic in the house
Son scampering around
Books carelessly strewn
All over his room

His uniform needs ironing
Shoes some polishing
His expensive Deo
Is nowhere to be found

Some how he dresses up
And is packing his bag
Phone keeps on ringing
To wish him luck

Admit card and his bag
Found after a search
Had safely kept it
And forgotten where

Half burnt toast
And a parboiled tea
I down it in one gulp
Like a cherubic whale

Picking up everything
We start down the stairs
As We reach the car
Keys are not there .

Climbing up again
Two stairs at a time
To collect everything
Without forgetting a dime

We dash through the traffic
Cursing everyone
Leaving everyone
In a state of shock

After all the heroics
As we reach the school
He gets down the car
Without a word

Not a formal thanks
Nor a cursory glance
Job of a dad is
really very bad